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Having started to operate as a dealer of tires in Esenler, Istanbul in 1990, Arıcıoğlu has become number one solution center responding the requirements of wholesale, retail and fleet of Istanbul European Side in the automotive sector with the products and services that it offers at the three sales points reached in a short time.

Arıcıoğlu, whose main activity is tire, battery, wheel rim and express repair services, is the local dealer of Lassa, Bridgestone, Dayton and Otopratik within Sabancı Group and of Mutlu Akü within Met Air Group. Having carried out the general distributorship of the world’s giant brands König, Advanti, and the wheels brandsTech-in and Arceo that have been being produced by it; Arıcıoğlu has carried out its activities together with its firms, Arıcıoğlu Foreign Trade operating in foreign trade activities and Arıcıoğlu Insurance that has the agencies for Allianz, Groupama, Ray, Güneş, Sompo Japan, Neova, Mapfre Genel and Halk Insurance, besides the activities of the sale and services of automotive products.


Our mission, as Arıcıoğlu, is to provide security of the people in our sector and to ensure the peaceful and safe journey for the users of automobile and to guarantee the safe journey for our customers through the latest technology.


Our vision, as Arıcıoğlu, is to be the leading company in the sector by pioneering the service and production quality in accordance with the international standards.


• To respect people, environment and the laws, as well as the social, political and cultural values,

• To comply with the laws and business ethics, to adopt transparent management understanding,

• To put our products and services into practice rapidly, and to ensure business continuity.

Tire Hotel

The storage and maintenance of summer and winter tires becomes important as an essential service in itself in our present conditions due to the problems of storage. Thanks to the service called Tire Hotel, the winter and summer tires are protected and maintained under the most ideal conditions. Having one of the largest storage areas in the sector, Arıcıoğlu also offers a privileged service in this field to its customers and becomes prominent which attracts intensive attention in its sector with regard to the service of Tire Hotel.


Arıcıoğlu, which is one of the biggest five dealers of Brisa and makes a difference in the sector with its storage capacity of 30 thousand tires, offers 150 different wheel models along with its own brands Arceo and Tech-In that Arıcıoğlu gets produced based on its own designs, for the customers at the showroom of its new corporate office.