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    Arıcıoğlu, the solution partner of the giant brands
    is moving to its new headquarter in Esenler!

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    Tek çatı altında daha verimli ve etkin hizmet!

  • Sektörel dinamiklere hızlı uyum, yüksek hizmet kalitesi...

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    Arıcıoğlu, 20 yıldır "Tam Yol İleri!"

100% Trust

We meet our customers’ needs with regard to legislations, national and international standards, and provide 100% confidence in the entire process until the supplying the products arrive to the customers by protecting our customers in a manner that never victimize them.

Customer Satisfaction

We determine the needs precisely, and we work in accordance with quality requirements, price and supply periods and maximize the customer satisfaction.

Technical Service Support

We meet the needs completely with reliable service concept and we also offer technical service support with the principle of satisfaction-oriented after-sales services.

Expert Staff

We provide high quality services to our customers with our expert staff that are continuously trained and specialized in their field, and we operate in accordance with occupational health and safety.

Having operated in automotive sector with 20-year experience, Arıcıoğlu vigorously carries into future its cooperation with König and Advanti, the global wheel brands; as well as with Brisa ad Mutlu Akü which are the leading domestic business partners; and offers alternative products to the market with its own wheel brands Arceo and Tech-In.
Having been established in 1995, Arıcıoğlu provides services in order to supply the automotive products and the service requirements of the users of the automobiles from the single point in Esenler head office and its branches.

Arıcıoğlu responds to the battery and tire demands of the car fleets operating in Turkey and meets the sectoral requirements in different regions of Turkey through its Regional Directorates of Ankara, İzmir and Bursa with totally 100-person professional staff.

100% Confidence
Proactive Service
Expert Staff
Team Work
Quality Service
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