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The new corporate office of Arıcıoğlu, which is designed with all benefits of technology and offers a comfortable working environment to its employees, gathers the needs of the consumers under a single roof and meets such needs from a single point. We gives the products branded Lassa, Bridgestone in respect of automobile tires, Mutlu Akü in respect of batteries and ; Arceo, Tech-In and Advanti branded wheels that Arıcıoğlu gets produced abroad by itself as well as the world’s giant brands König and Advanti of which we are the general distributor in Turkey, the customer’s compliment at our new showroom. On the other hand, Arıcıoğlu Insurance, which offers extensive insurance services along with the above-mentioned services, also meets with the sector at its new corporate office.

Arıcıoğlu responds to the battery and tire demands of the car fleets operating in Turkey and meets the sectoral requirements in different regions of Turkey through its Regional Directorates of Ankara, İzmir and Bursa with totally 100-person professional staff.

Arıcıoğlu gathers its insurance, storage and auto services with its products such as wheel rims, tires and batteries under a single roof at its new corporate office, and having broken new ground in the sector, it accomplishes a new strong structuring that meets the requirements much more quickly and vigorously.

Arıcıoğlu Automotive

Arıcıoğlu Automotive, which has been established in 1995, provides full services through its advanced technology in order to supply the automotive products and service requirements of the users of the automobiles from the single point in Esenler head office and its branches.

Arıcıoğlu Insurance Services

Arıcıoğlu Insurance Services, which has been operating since 2002, meets the needs of traffic, motor, home, work accident, life and health insurance of the customers through its agencies of Allianz, Groupama, Ray, Güneş, Sompo Japan, Neova, Mapfre Genel and Halk Insurance companies.

Arıcıoğlu Insurance

Arıcıoğlu Foreign Trade

Arıcıoğlu Foreign Trade, which has been established in 2009, carries on the international work-flow, import and export activities of the group.